About the Project

Everyone has a story. I believe we can learn something from anyone because we all have something to give to the world– it doesn’t matter the age, gender, education level, marital status, religion, political stance, etc. (you get where this is going…) We have value to teach something because we all live. Our stories are one of a kind yet many of us have similar threads throughout our tapestries and, sometimes, we need each other for support. What good does it do to take our stories to the grave untold–the tales of glory and dismay? Behind every heartache and triumph, we are molded into the people we are today. Why not potentially help another with this well-earned wisdom? So, I wanted to take the realness of challenges + the hope of resiliency+ the power of images to create another place where people inspire people not because their lives are perfect but because they chose to get back up despite challenges that can rock-our-worlds

The Hope in Humanity Project is a focused on empowering others through stories of human resilience and strength. Through this photo series, I hope to tap into a new source of hope and inspiration. There are so many people out there who feel alone, uncertain, or hurt and maybe, just maybe, something that is said here may resonate with another, bringing them a new perspective, a hope, or a place to seek refuge from the fight. Honestly, if we can make a difference for ONE person, this project will not have been created in vain.

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