Allie: Just Breathe


Do you ever wonder how you got here?  How after 26 years did I end up in this place?  How did I become this person?  How did I get so lucky?

My childhood wasn’t what some people would consider normal, and my family isn’t your standard family.  I was born in an unusual situation which left me without a father, something that to this day I haven’t quite coped with.  My mother was a drug addict and did her best to raise both my brother and I, but she finally understood that this wasn’t something she could do.  She asked my Grandparents if they would take legal custody and raise both of us.  After meeting with a lawyer and seeing a judge, my life changed forever.

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Sir-Netia: Love Deeper


In my early adulthood I discovered that I had depression. Depression effects every part of my life and can be difficult to carry at times. However, through learning more about depression and mental illness I have learned more about myself. As I learned to live with my depression I became more in tune with my body, mind, and soul.

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Linda: The Choice is Yours

UsB+wThere are circumstances in everyone’s lives that determine what direction your life takes.   The choices we make and how we respond to what happens in your life molds the person you become.

I had parents that encouraged interest in everything.  Curiosity about everything, and empowered all of their children to follow whatever path we chose.  As a result, all 4 of us are very different, with different interests, different strengths, different lives.

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Hannah: Connection Heals Wounds


Life is an interesting thing. It is full of wonder, beauty, and joy. At the same time there are moments, that may seem like they last far too long, that are full of heartache, confusion, and fear. These moments weigh down on the soul, and at times cause one to ask themselves, how much more can I take?

One does not need to travel far before they hear of the hardships human beings face on a daily basis—death, murder, abuse, discrimination, war, and hatred. Gosh there is so much hatred. Hatred that may have been birthed from an innocent emotion, such as fear, creates a domino effect that leaves horrific destruction in its’ path.

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